"What the hell are we up against,
I can't lose another sense,
My heart is in jail & keeps trying to hop the fuckin fence.
Wrapped in barbed wire, lift my arms higher

before the guards fire
and leave us both dead where we fuckin stand.
I was the fuckin man,
now I clutch my hands
around these fuckin crayons
tryna paint a plan that I can understand.
These are the scattered thoughts of a madman,
makin his last stand
at a poker table with his
last hand.
King of Hearts, King of Diamonds and King of Clubs
'I'm ALL IN'
He said with his
middle finger up."
Lyrics from"Sweet Tea" on The T.E.A.L. Tape

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Jonny Vance's Bio

Jonny Vance was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and migrated to Cleveland, Ohio at an early age. At 13 he started writing rhymes to pass time. From 15-17 he ran the streets of Kinsman, Union, Buckeye, Harvard & East 93rd where he learned the evils of the world. Engulfed in the life, he stopped writing completely. In September 2006 things took a dramatic turn, he lost his best friend in a motorcycle accident on Buckeye Road. Followed by the death of his first child, his son, on the day he was born January 17, 2007. Coping with this sent him into a dark place. But it wasnt over, in March, Jonny Vance recieved a call that his dad was in the hospital... by the time he arrived, his dad & namesake had died of a brain anuerism. Jonny Vance broke down. Started seeing a Psychiatrist & was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. But the Pills weren't working. His only escape was an old pair of headphones & a mp3 player that only held 30 songs. So he played them religiously just to fall asleep. After 2 years of experimenting with drugs, alchohol, the ghetto & suburbia, in a drunken blur, Jonny wrote the lyrics to "My Cell in Hell".

"This music thing is what I live for. It just something thats pumping through my veins and won't die until I do. Portraying a life full of broken dreams, broken promises, broken bottles & broken hearts. Only the sweat dripping down my forehead as I leave my heart on the stage will make those people feel what I feel inside. I picked the mic up and I refuse to ever put it down. Buckle up... You're in for one hell of a ride." - Jonny Vance
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